Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blank On The Map: The largest patterns in the Universe

In addition to the developing series of posts on probability and statistical inference, I also want to write another series discussing the patterns in the distribution of galaxies, clusters of galaxies and dark matter in the Universe: how we reconstruct these patterns from observation, and how we can use this information to learn about the very distant past back near the time of the Big Bang some 14 billion years ago. This is what much of my day-to-day research is about, so I can claim more expertise on this subject than on some of the others I post about.

I'll try to keep the majority of the discussion at a level suitable for readers with an interest in cosmology, but no detailed technical knowledge of it, though I hope to include enough information to interest more expert readers as well. However, rather than constructing a systematic development of ideas from first principles I'm afraid I will flit about like a butterfly, alighting on topics that are of particular interest to me at the moment! Questions and feedback are welcome via the comments box.

Today's post is about the homogeneity of the distribution: the absence of pattern.

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